New Legal Wiki Entry: Receivership and Liquidation of Banks

The receivership and liquidation of banks, unlike other legal entities, is expressly provided under The New Central Bank Act. This power of the Monetary Board is again in the limelight with the announcement by the Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) announced that the Monetary Board placed the Export and Industry Bank, Inc. (EIB) under receivership… READ MORE

New Legal Wiki Entries: Lina Law, Urban Development and Housing Program of 1992, Squatting, and the Anti-Squatting Law Repeal Act of 1997

The bloody demolition in Parañaque City, where one is confirmed dead and many injured as residents assault the incoming police column spearheading the demolition in the Silverio Compound, nudged us to create additional Legal Wiki entries as reference to those looking at this issue.

New Legal Wiki Entry: Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)

The stand-off at the Scarborough Shoal has continued, with China brushing aside the Philippine’s challenge to bring the matter to the International Tribunal on the Law of the Seas (ITLOS). The Philippines claims that the Scarborough Shoal is within its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), while China claims that the Scarborough Shoal is its territory.

New Legal Wiki Entry: What is a Woman?

We have news that the “Miss Universe pageant is changing its rules and will allow transgender women to take part in all of its competitions starting in 2013.”

New Legal Wiki Entry: Guidelines for Litigation in Quezon City Trial Courts

A new set of rules is set to be pilot-tested in Quezon City, effective 16 April 2012. A.M. No. 11-6-10-SC (Guidelines for Litigation in Quezon City Trial Courts) contains provisions that are different from existing rules and practice.

Legal Wiki Entry: Battered Woman Syndrome

It’s safe to assume almost everybody knows that there are battered women. Perhaps only a few souls know that there’s such a thing as battered woman syndrome, defined as “a scientifically defined pattern of psychological and behavioral symptoms found in women living in battering relationships as a result of cumulative abuse.”

New Legal Wiki Entry: The Animal Welfare Act of 1998

News reports in the past days contain images of various animals being maltreated. A dog was tied to the back of a tricycle and dragged. A pig was transported, also at the back of a tricycle, by tying all feet together and hanging the pig upside down. The photo that got everyone’s attention is that… READ MORE

Academic Freedom entry at Legal Wiki

There’s a new controversy about a number students of Saint Theresa’s College (STC) in Cebu who were not allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony because of “lewd’ photos posted in the social networking site Facebook.

Reimposing the Death Penalty

There are talks about the re-imposition of the death penalty because of the increased incidence of heinous crimes in the past weeks. No less than the Chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP) mentioned that it might help in deterring more crimes.

Legal Wiki Entry: Human Trafficking or Trafficking in Persons

Trafficking in persons, sometimes referred to as human trafficking, refers to the recruitment, transportation, transfer or harboring, or receipt of persons with or without the victim’s consent or knowledge, within or across national borders by means of threat or use of force, or other forms of coercion, abduction, fraud, deception, abuse of power or of… READ MORE